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Squirrel provides most entertainment all night at the Etihad

Man City squirrel

While Manchester City fans weren't treated to their customary four- or five-goal thriller in the Carabao Cup on Tuesday night, they did find enjoyment in watching their ground staff try to capture a rogue squirrel before kick-off.

The wide-eyed, bushy-tailed creature ventured onto the turf ahead of the Citizens' goalless draw with Championship outfit Wolves, and seemed very reluctant to leave when escorted off.

After lengthy attempts to nudge the visitor off with groundskeeping equipment, one member of the team took it upon himself to pick the squirrel up and take it out of the arena, getting a nibble for his troubles.

Manchester City went on to win 4-1 on penalties thanks to two saves from Claudio Bravo.

Fair to say, though, that it was the squirrel who stole the show. 

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