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Where has Stats Zone gone?

As of summer 2017, FourFourTwo has made the decision to discontinue Stats Zone activities.

Although Stats Zone initially won industry awards and gathered a loyal following, it became a drain on resources that sadly wasn’t matched by the level of interest and, specifically, income it generated.

It’s not been an easy decision – in fact, it’s one of the toughest we’ve had to make in the 23-year history of FourFourTwo.

Sadly, though, the football media content we all consume doesn’t come for free. Trouble is, nobody pays for apps and a significant number of people use ad-blockers. It’s at this point where the financial model breaks down and we have to start making choices about what we can and can’t do any more.

FourFourTwo strives to produce content of a quality above the clickbait churnalism that characterises much of the football market; doing that requires careful budgeting and tough decisions.

Stats Zone was taking time and money that will now be spent on producing quality features – both in writing and video – to service the significantly larger following we have across our other products and channels.

Features like this...

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