1 November 2009
"He surprised me. I was blown away by his ability. He could play anywhere"
7 October 2009
Liverpool's joint owners George Gillett and Tom Hicks have had a frequently stormy relationship, and now there's another possible subject for them to squabble about – money.
28 July 2009
"Mining is like a religion and religion is part of mining..."
"There I was, dressed as Mavis, in goal, at Villa Park, letting in goals... 'What am I going to do? Ooh, I don’t really know!’”
21 February 2008
"We weren’t consistent enough over the whole campaign. With the players we’ve got, we should have not just qualified, but won the group."
1 February 2008
"I dreamed about being a dwarf"
1 February 2008
"People always laugh when El Hadji Diouf is around. But they’re laughing at him, not with him."
31 January 2008
"Until you're 30, work on your weaknesses; then work on your strengths"
12 January 2008
"A petting zoo? What’s that? A Stan Collymore dogging thing?"
1 January 2008
"The FA cost me £1.5m and my marriage, so I ran round the car park with knickers on my head shouting 'You’re a bunch of tw*ts'"


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