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Blatter calls for points penalties over racism

Blatter was speaking at a CONMBEOL congress in Paraguay on Wednesday, in a week in which Juan Aurich striker Luis Tejada walked off the field during a Copa Inca defeat to fellow Peruvian side Cienciano due to alleged racial abuse.

A number of high-profile incidents in Europe during recent months have also ensured the issue of racism remains paramount in the sport ahead of the FIFA presidential elections in May.

Blatter used his speech at the congress to urge stronger punishments, telling delegates: "The biggest problem we have seen in the last days here, in this continent, is racism; the discrimination. This problem we cannot accept. 

"I think that one day this will disappear in football with the strike of the hand towards the peace - but this is not enough. 

"We need to put in effect some situations, some new conditions; we have the regulations but they are not applied around the world by the discipline or control organisations.

"And some day we must make an example, an example is not only to ban a stadium or to impose a fine. It is to take points or to relegate a team.

"When we have in our world the moment to have the courage to make this happen the discrimination will stop. At this moment we haven't seen it in any part of the world."