Cafu a firm fan of Liverpool's Flanagan

Liverpool full-back Jon Flanagan has received a ringing endorsement from Brazil legend Cafu.

The 21-year-old has been affectionately dubbed the 'Scouse Cafu' by Liverpool fans following a string of impressive performances, a comparison that caught the attention of the man himself - a two-time FIFA World Cup winner.

Cafu jetted over to Merseyside to see Flanagan in action against Newcastle United in the club's final Premier League game of the season last Sunday.

And the 43-year-old can see similarities in style with Flanagan and thinks Liverpool have nurtured an exciting talent.

"He is a good player; still young and developing, but already gaining recognition at Liverpool and he might even have an opportunity with the English national team. He'll be a great English player in the future," Cafu told Liverpool's official website.

"I first started hearing about him by watching Premier League matches and observing his performance along with other players.

"I then started seeing some news saying he is the Red Cafu! So there's nothing better than coming to the city and taking a picture with my successor.

"He has speed, strength and determination.

"He's an athlete who goes after it and never gives it up. That's exactly what I used to do; there were no missing chances for me, no tiredness and no being dejected.

"I see that style in him too.

"I hope he continues that way and achieves as many trophies as I did."