Gibson makes speedy Twitter exit

Manchester United midfielder Darren Gibson has quit Twitter just two hours after signing up for the social network website after suffering abuse from both rival fans and those of the Old Trafford club.

The Ireland international had joined his Old Trafford team-mate and Twitter stalwart Rio Ferdinand in attempting to build an online presence, but his plans were quickly scuppered when the Irish midfielder was sent a string of derogatory comments, including calls for him to leave Manchester United.

@dgibbo28 your performance on Saturday was one of the worst I've ever seen of any Utd player. Scared of the ball much?'

@dgibbo28 hasn't tweeted yet. Seems somewhat fitting after the countless anonymous performances we've seen from the 'footballer'.

@dgibbo28 team do all hard work keeping possession then u hit row Z every f****** time!!

While some Red Devils fans attempted to coax the 23-year-old back onto the site by making ‘getbackgibbo’ a ‘trending topic’, there has been no sign of a return.

Sources have since claimed the player didn’t leave due to the abuse, rather due to the amount of alerts he was receiving on his phone.

Rio Ferdinand also used his Twitter account to deny Gibson quit the website due to abusive comments; "Darron Gibson says he came on to see what the lads were up to. He came off because he couldn't be bothered with it, not any other reason."

Meanwhile, Gibson’s United team-mate Wayne Rooney also joined Twitter over the Bank Holiday weekend, and appeared to enjoy a far warmer reception, although disgraced former journalist Piers Morgan called for him to be banned from the site for bad spelling and grammar.

By Steve Norman