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Klopp hails Liverpool heroes after United triumph

Jurgen Klopp hailed his team's superb display in Liverpool's 2-0 Europa League victory over Manchester United by namechecking the majority of his players at the post-match news conference.

Daniel Sturridge opened the scoring with a first-half penalty and Liverpool would have boasted a far healthier advantage but for heroics form United goalkeeper David de Gea by the time Roberto Firmino scored from close range in the 73rd minute.

Klopp was keen for the credit to go around after a first victory over their bitter rivals in five attempts, with Liverpool the strong favourites to progress to the quarter-finals in next week's second leg.

"This is the night where we really should, if we start giving grades – if you want this – there are a lot of good grades," Klopp said.

"Simon Mignolet, we can start with him. He was really good with everything, absolutely no mistake in this game.

"It's difficult to stay concentrated when you know each cross or free-kick or corner is really dangerous because [Marouane] Fellaini is on the pitch.

"Emre [Can] and Hendo [Jordan Henderson] did a brilliant job. Phil [Philippe Coutinho], Adam [Lallana] great.  Roberto, Daniel - as long as he was on the pitch - that [partnership] was really good.

"The substitutes: Joe Allen, when he came in – so important, so good.

"Divock Origi – then we had again the control of the game because they couldn't pass and play like they wanted because they knew each bad pass was a counter attack. Divock and his speed is really dangerous."

Klopp also made sure to credit the Anfield faithful after Liverpool's performance was accompanied by a stirring atmosphere throughout.

"The atmosphere tonight was unbelievable," he added. "It was really great and I want to thank everyone who was involved in this atmosphere.

"It was easy to enjoy from the first until the last second. That was Liverpool how I knew it before I came here. That was really, really great, so thanks."