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Russian scientists create robot bodyguard to protect England fans at 2018 World Cup

Meet Alantim, a robot bodyguard developed by Russian scientists from the Moscow Technological Institute. Alantim is meant to provide total security to England fans thanks to its specialist cyber intelligence, and has a duty to serve fans.

The bot is also equipped with security cameras, and can speak English.

"My name is Alantim, I work as an interpreter at Moscow Technological Institute,” Alantim says in the video below - in Russian (sorry).

“I read online that many English football fans doubt whether a trip to Russia is safe. There’s nothing for you to worry about, I will be your defence.

“We promise to take you around Moscow, where I will guard you from any problems. I can summon police, resolve arguments… and even predict a conflict on the basis of the emotions of those around me.”

Ultras, beware.

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