Scudamore to stay as Premier League chief

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore is set to retain his position despite being caught up in a sexism controversy.

Scudamore issued an apology earlier this month after emails of an "inappropriate" nature were leaked to the media by his former PA.

The 54-year-old has since come under pressure to resign but, at a meeting on Monday, the Premier League clubs ruled that "no further disciplinary action is required or justified", pointing to Scudamore's "previously unblemished record over 15 years of service".

In a statement, Peter McCormick, the acting chairman of the Premier League, said: "It is clear that this private correspondence did include some inappropriate remarks by the chief executive, for which he immediately apologised. The clubs agreed that such remarks should have no place in the Premier League's working environment."

However, McCormick went on to confirm an investigation had found "no evidence of wider discriminatory attitudes or inappropriate language or a general attitude of disrespect to women".

The statement continued: "Responses from many women in employment at the Premier League, and extensive consultations with others, establish that there is no climate of disrespect of women in the workplace.

"The weight of comments made by female staff, unprompted or through direct consultation, indicate that they find the Premier League an excellent place to work ... and find the working environment positive and supportive.

This view is particularly strongly held by female staff with direct experience of working with or close to the chief executive who have made it very clear that his conduct and behaviour have been beyond reproach.

"With these findings in mind, the clubs accepted the chief executive's genuine and sincere apology. They also accepted his undertaking to take active steps to prevent a recurrence."

Scudamore added: "Entering into email exchanges of this nature was wrong and the apology I have made is sincere, as is the contrition I feel. These exchanges do not reflect my views towards women in football, the workplace or in general. It is something that will never be repeated.

"The Premier League shareholders have considered and deliberated this matter and I fully accept and respect their recommendations and conclusions.

"I appreciate that I have a tremendous amount of hard work to do to convince those in the game who do not know me that my leadership and work in the areas of equality and discrimination to date reflect who I am and what I believe.

"So, I will now undertake meetings and discussions with a wide range of stakeholders in the game to hear their views and to reassure them that I will continue to do my utmost personally, and through all the Premier League's means, to help promote diversity and inclusion, develop the women's game and support women who want be involved in football at any level."