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Steve Cooper unimpressed with performance of referee Jeremy Simpson

Steve Cooper said referee Jeremy Simpson “will probably be refereeing in the Conference” after his failure to give Swansea two penalties in their 1-1 home draw with Blackburn.

Lancashire official Simpson left Cooper seething after ignoring two Swansea penalty appeals in the second half, first when Bradley Dack handballed and then for a Ryan Nyambe challenge on Sam Surridge.

Simpson was also criticised by Cooper and his Blackburn counterpart Tony Mowbray for sending off Swansea midfielder Tom Carroll and Rovers forward Dack in the second half.

“I’ve seen the penalty decision back for handball and it’s just a massive error from the referee,” Cooper said.

“He knew it hit his hand – he has said that to me – and his hand isn’t next to him, it’s out.

“I get it if there are loads of players around him, but it’s travelled 15 yards before it’s hit his hand.

“He is going to be embarrassed when he sees it back on TV and on Sky. He’ll probably be refereeing in the Conference now.”

Simpson was involved in controversy last weekend when he was in charge of Bristol City’s 2-1 win at Fulham.

Cottagers boss Scott Parker called for VAR to be introduced into the Championship after Simpson turned down a late Fulham penalty appeal when Bristol City’s Callum O’Dowda appeared to bring down Neeskens Kebano.

Fulham fans set up a petition after the game to ban Simpson.

Cooper said Simpson’s failure to give Swansea a penalty following the Dack handball led to further refereeing mistakes.

“Because he knows he made the error he’s then made the poor red card decisions. He’s lost his composure really,” he said.

“He’s made four major decisions and he’s got them fundamentally wrong.

“Sam Surridge gets pulled down and, anywhere else on the pitch, it’s a penalty.

“He was nervous. I was very respectable afterwards because I knew he was uncomfortable with his night.

“He’s a professional and I want him to progress, but we have to be honest and unfortunately he’s going to get marked down.”

Blackburn boss Mowbray also criticised Simpson for sending off Dack midway through the second half.

“I’ve seen it (on video) and it’s embarrassing really,” Mowbray said.

“I thought at the time he had stepped over the top of the ball and put his foot down on the boy’s foot.

“But no, he sticks his backside into the lad and the lad goes over.

“It would be so out of character for Dack to do anything like that.

“He’s got no malice in him whatsoever.

“It’s wrong to say, but it felt like he was evening things up.”