Van Gaal will leave if he loses players support

Rumours have emerged of unrest among some players at Old Trafford, with former Netherlands international Willem van Hanegem scathing of his countryman's treatment of Ryan Giggs, Radamel Falcao and Angel Di Maria.

Van Gaal believes he has the support of the dressing room, claiming the chemistry is right with United clinging onto the fourth and final UEFA Champions League qualifying spot, however the 63-year-old said a premature exit from the club would be on the cards should things change.

"When I think the chemistry between the players and the manager is not good enough anymore, then I go," Van Gaal said ahead of Sunday's showdown with Premier League rivals Tottenham.

"It is not a question, I can go for myself also. I am in my first season here and I can still win the title, but that will probably go to Chelsea.

"What we have to do is continue in our process. But we have been in the top four longer than Arsenal this season. That is true."

Van Gaal, who signed a three-year deal in July, added: "When I see this chemistry between myself and my players, then I don't have any doubts.

"Of course, we have disappointing moments but we can survive and we have confidence to qualify for the Champions League.

"I remember when I went to AZ, a very minor club in Holland. In my first season we were second, in my second season we were third and in my third season we finished 11th.

"I said to my players that I would go away. But the players then came to my house to ask me to stay, and so did the board. So I said, 'Okay, I will stay.' And, in the fourth year, we were champions."

Van Gaal also believes Di Maria will remain at Old Trafford next season, despite struggling to adapt to life in England.

"As a manager, you can never say 'no' or 'yes' because the player at the end shall always decide but I don't think he shall move," he said.

"Despite his incident with his wife at home, he is very pleased to be here at Manchester United."

However, Van Gaal admitted he would consider selling Di Maria after just one season should the Argentina star want to leave on compassionate grounds.

"I'm always like that. When you see my history - that's part of my philosophy. A player is not just a man who kicks the ball from A to B. Also, his environment is influencing him," Van Gaal said.

"I shall always be open for that conversation but I know also the commercial interests of the club and we have to respect that. You cannot give a lot of money for a player and then next season put him out of your selection.

"I think that he shall stay because what I have seen in his reaction, after the defeat and after his red card [against Arsenal in the FA Cup last Monday], is very good and I like his attitude."

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