Venezuela's Mikel Villanueva scores hapless own goal against Ecuador

The Malaga defender's attempt to make a timely interception for his national side went horribly wrong

Mikel Villanueva has already been under scrutiny in recent weeks – reports have suggested that Barcelona were considering a complaint about his and Malaga's efforts (or lack of them) in their final-day defeat to Real Madrid that handed Los Blancos the title. 

With that to contend with, the 24-year-old must have been hoping for an uneventful few weeks elsewhere. Unfortunately, though, the Venezuelan's name has been besmirched again after he scored an embarrassing own goal in his national team's friendly against Ecuador on Thursday night.

Villanueva 'scored' the opener in the 1-1 draw, prodding the ball into the net past Jose Contreras as he went in to make a crucial clearance.

Enjoy the goal, and then the defender's appropriate reaction to his blunder. 

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