Video: Chelsea's Diego Costa messes about in training for no real reason

Diego Costa

There's just something not quite right about Diego Costa

Costa hasn't been in sparkling form recently for Chelsea, having failed to score in his last four matches. But now it seems he's been taking his frustration out in training.

In some behind-the-scenes Chelsea TV footage, Costa can be seen driving around one of the medical carts just when training is due to begin. He then bizarrely decides to run over a few cones before getting off his vehicle and smashes up some nicely laid out hurdles.

His team-mates all seem to quite happy to stand and watch, having probably grown used to his unusual antics.

But for the neutral observer, it's hard to believe that's how one of the Premier League's top goalscorers conducts themselves in training. 

Diego Costa

See the video here. It all happens up to the 1:20 mark, then Claudio Ranieri pops up

Then again, we are talking about a 28-year-old man who seriously considered biting Gareth Barry.

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