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Suit up for battle


Nike’s All Conditions Control (ACC) boots
With input from master technician Andres Iniesta, these ACC Nike boots were given special treatment during development to create the same feel for the ball in wet and dry conditions. Visit to see the full ACC range. £145 at


Neo 2 Pro football
You’ll be able to spot this flashy orb flying towards your chops through a curtain of rain. With its 14-panel design the Neo Pro 2 offers a clean strike zone and true, natural flight. The outer casing has been designed to provide elasticity and a softer touch. £60 at


Puma King Aqua gloves 
A drop of rain can turn the ball into a bar of soap, but the latex palm on these gloves will help you keep out those howitzers. Even if you only get a thumb or wrist in the way, the ball should stick due to grip technology wrapped around the glove. £45 at


Adidas F50 Windbreaker
When you’ve been lumbered with running the line in a downpour, keep yourself dry and ready for action with this hooded Climaproof windbreaker. And when you get the nod to come on, the jacket can pack into itself for easy storage. £65, available at

Just winning in the rain

From tactics to footwear, there’s a real science to playing football in stormy weather. FFT’s experts explain how you can use Mother Nature to gain an advantage on the opposition

"I don't fancy that one bit..."

It's raining goals
Shoot, rebound, tap-in