Could a caffeine shot give your game a lift?

Cups of tea and coffee are so last year – footballers now take shots of caffeine to perk them up on matchday and they could even improve your game

Gary Lineker used to swear by an old-fashioned cup of tea to give him a half-time pick me up, but modern footballers are now taking caffeine shots to stay focused and beat fatigue.

Science in Sport have developed the Go caffeine shot alongside Championship side Reading to help give their players a boost before and during a game.

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The stimulant boasts 150mg of caffeine - that's nearly double the amount you’ll find in a can of Red Bull - and the perfect sum to increase concentration levels on the pitch.

The shot also contains 2g of citrulline malate, an amino acid which which delays the onset of fatigue during intense bouts of training, so players can perform better for longer. 

What's more, there isn't a single gram of carbohydrate to be found, so players don't have to worry about putting on weight when they down their caffeine fix.

If you fancy giving your game a lift, SiS recommend taking the shot 30 minutes before kick-off to ensure caffeine levels in the body are elevated prior to performance.

You can buy a single shot for £2.25 or purchase a 12-pack for £27.50 from

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