Paul Robinson: Nutrition for goalkeepers

Fruit, nuts and three double espressos make the perfect pre-match meal, says Blackburn no.1 Paul Robinson

As outfield players buzz around the pitch, goalkeepers are penned in their penalty box waiting to save shots, collect crosses and sprint off their line to greet would-be goalscorers.

Without the mileage, goalkeepers need to keep a close eye on what they eat. Get too heavy and they will find it that bit harder to fling their body weight across goal to reach a shot.

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Goalkeepers have to be light on their feet and alert, which is why Blackburn goalkeeper Paul Robinson tailors his pre-match meal for the demands of his position.

"I don't like to eat on the morning of a game.  I like to go into the game feeling as empty and as light as possible," the former England goalkeeper told FFT.

"I'll just have two or three double expressos, a little bit of fruit and maybe a handful of nuts."

Find out more about a Premier League goalkeeper's diet by watching this video.

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