Finish like Lionel Messi: Part one

Want to masquerade as Barcelona's pocket rocket on a Sunday morning? No problem, FFT has got you covered, thanks to this drill from Coerver Coaching

On the brink of becoming Barcelona’s all-time leading goalscorer - and still only 24 – Lionel Messi’s super-human efforts, on a weekly basis, have led many to wonder if he is not only the greatest of his generation, but of all time.

As such, the bods over at Coerver Coaching have looked at Messi’s displays and come up with a set of drills to best replicate his very effective style.

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“Messi may be the greatest player for a one-on-one situation on goal, and certainly when faced with a solitary defender,” says Alf Galustian, co-founder of Coerver Coaching.

“This drill focuses on making a goal chance when the opponent is coming at you.”

“The player with the ball will use either a feint, or pure speed to go either right of left. This drill gives the player the perfect chance to focus on going in both directions.”

Watch on as the AFC Wimbledon academy run through the drill...

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