Finishing school: Part Four

Pass, move, shoot, score. Carve out a path to goal and finish with deadly accuracy, thanks to this drill from Coerver Coaching


Split the players into teams of 4 v 4. Mark out a 30 x 20 yard area, divided into three zones, comprising of two shooting zones of 5 x 20 and a central zone of 20 x 20 with three small goals at each end.


To score a point in drill four the players have to get into the score zone before they can shoot at goal. The score zone is a 30 x 5 yard area marked out in front of the goals at either end of the pitch.

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To progress the drill you can introduce bonus points for demonstrations of skill. For example, if a player beats a defender in a 1v1 with a step over or a Cryuff turn.

To advance this drill add a goalkeeper and tell the players they must shoot from outside the score zone, which you can reduce to 2-3 yards.


Keep your head up when in possession. This will help you see your options and make the right choice. Push players out wide – this will stretch the opposition and create space.

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