Improve your dribbling with Gareth Bale: Part Two

Learn how to dance your way past defenders with this dribbling drill from Real Madrid speed demon, Gareth Bale

I panic on the ball when I'm surrounded by defenders. Do you have any tips for dribbling in tight spaces?
Chris Hunt, via email

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Gareth Bale says:

“Dribbling is a key part of my game. Place five cones in a zig-zag, six yards apart, and run to each cone touching the ball as much as possible with the outside of the foot.

This is for when you are dribbling through a crowded area.The next exercise is for when there is space ahead of you.

Take bigger touches with the outside of the boot, moving the ball from cone to cone. Then pass the ball to one side of the cone, run round to retrieve it and pass it on: this combines speed and control.”

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