Steven Pienaar: Pick the perfect pass

Try these tips from Steven Pienaar to help you make the right choices on the ball

A team can be organised, disciplined and hardworking, but to penetrate to the opposition’s defence they need a creative spark in the final third.

This player needs to have the guile to find space, the vision to see the pass and the ability to play it.

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South African midfielder Steven Pienaar shoulders these responsibilities for Everton.

Statistically, he’s Everton’s top creator, laying on five goals for his team-mates this season. Equaled only by this partner in crime – Leighton Baines.

Watch this video tutorial with Pienaar to find out how he eludes Premier League defences to play the killer ball.

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Play that killer pass

“If you play behind the strikers you must have the vision, the awareness and close control because you’re playing in between the lines of the midfielders and the defenders.

You always have to be behind them to make sure you get the ball, turn to be in the right place, to pick the right pass all the time.

Like I say your control is very important for a player, playing in this position.

You have to take the initiative and you don’t have to force the through ball, sometimes it just comes in a game automatically.

You get into the space and the attacker runs in the right direction. If you always try to force the world class pass it will always go wrong.”

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