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Ashley Young: Shoot harder



Lie down on your right or left side, supporting yourself on your forearm and the outside of your foot. Lift your hips off the ground and make sure they’re aligned with your shoulders and feet. Tuck your lower leg around the calf of your upper leg. Hold for 30 seconds



Place upper leg on a box (40cm high) and lift your body off the ground making sure your hips, shoulders and feet are aligned. Tuck your lower leg around the calf of your upper leg. Your body must maintain a straight line. To keep it steady squeeze your core muscles tight.

What to do

Hold for 30 seconds

3 sets



"You've got to keep your body in a nice straight line, your head looking forwards and make sure everything is tucked in from your back to your hips. Keep your core nice and tight. A strong core helps with injury prevention and it gives you that added power and balance in a game."

Music by: Nerbiz
Song: HHN beatbattle 2010 ronde1

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