Build explosive change of direction

To dominate the 5-a-side pitch you need to be quick and agile. Use this drill to make sure you have the speed and power to whiz away from defenders

Trying to find space on the 5-a-side pitch is like trying to find a clear stretch of road in Delhi during rush hour. It’s chaos.

To avoid collisions in both arenas you need to have great traction, turbocharged acceleration and lighting quick reactions.

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We can’t help you avoid a bulldozing lorry carrying cattle on a Delhi motorway, but we can show you how to whiz away from defenders on the 5-a-side pitch.

What you need is the ability to change direction explosively. To arm you with this skill we asked strength and conditioning coach Michael Amoah to demonstrate a simple agility drill that anyone could set-up.

Now all you have to do is hit play, watch, take notes and execute in training. You’ll be darting away from opponents in no time.

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