Keep possession in tight spaces

Use this drill to perfect your passing game on the 5-a-side pitch

Most Sunday League cloggers struggle to pick out a team-mate when they’ve got time and space on a full size pitch.

Shrink that area down to 5-a-side proportions and panic sweeps through the team. As soon as the ball is heading towards your feet you know an opponent is preparing to clatter you.  

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Passing needs to be sharp, accurate and most of all, rapid. If you can zip it around the pitch at speed it doesn’t matter how quick the defenders are – you’ll always be a step ahead.

To develop your passing skills you need to practise rondos, says strength and conditioning coach, Michael Amoah.

This is the passing exercise used by the tiki-taka masters of Barcelona and Spain.

Not only does it refine your ability to pass the ball with tempo, but it also hones your speed of thought, movement and technical skill.

In this video Amoah and a group of players from a Football League academy demonstrate the drill so that you can use it in your training sessions.

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