Change direction in a flash

Speed in a straight line is deadly, but with the right tactics it can be shut out. Defences drop deep to cut off the running lanes and sprint kings scuttle down dead ends.

Explosive power and speed that can be utilised in multiple directions, from a standing position and at full throttle, is a different proposition.

When space is tight, the ability to swiftly change direction, can work a yard of space to wiggle into.

A sudden change of direction at top speed can leave defenders tumbling into crumpled heap on the floor. Think Lionel Messi sitting Jerome Boateng down on his backside.

If you want to humiliate defenders with similar swagger you’ve come to the right place. We teamed up with elite conditioning coach, Jamie Reynolds, to give you the tools you need to be a Sunday League Messi.

The drill featured in this video will send you agility into overdrive. All you have to do is watch and learn.

Reynolds is the founder of Velocity Training Club. For more information visit and follow@jamie_velocity

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