Get rapid-fire footwork

If your feet move at a snail’s pace you’re going to make life very easy for your opponent. Stepovers will look like they’re in slow-motion. You’ll get tangled up when a fleet-footed  trickster takes you on. You won’t be able to twist and turn fast enough to throw a marker off your scent.

Bottom line, you’ll always be a step behind.

But if doesn’t have to be like this. Incorporate footwork drills into your training sessions and you’ll avoid these failings.

Unsure of what to do? Let us help. We enlisted the help of conditioning coach, Jamie Reynolds, who works with a host of Premier League stars, including Darren Bent, Jack Wilshere, Fabian Delph and Stephen Ireland.

Reynolds devised a drill for us to share with you, that works on strength, speed and most importantly, footwork. It’s easy to set-up and fun to do. Want to know what it is? Hit play and find out.

Reynolds is the founder of Velocity Training Club. For more information visit and follow@jamie_velocity

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