Franco Baresi's guide to tackling

Legendary sweeper Franco Baresi gives you his tried and tested guide to dispossessing your opponent

Many feel that tackling in the modern game is going out of fashion, with referees seemingly clamping down on any contact between defender and attacker. But, if anything, the current climate makes the art of tackling all the more important.

It’s not just about going at the opponent, hammer and tongs - subtlety and patience are now the order of the day.

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To become one of the greatest sweepers of all-time, Franco Baresi tells FFT that he spent his training sessions replicating game situations, at match intensity. Through practice, persistence and teamwork he was able to limit the output of a whole host of forwards – including one of the world’s greats.

“When Diego Maradona was running torward you, the only way we could get the better of him was to be organised and in a group, in his area,” he says.

“Even if he is exceptional, if there are two or three of you, you can limit his game and stop him taking the initiative.”

Watch the video above, as the AC Milan legend goes into detail about the major facets of tackling and why they all need to be respected.

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