The importance of core strength

Sculpt a rock solid core and you'll optimise your performance, says Fulham's assistant coach, Scott Miller

If you ask a footballer what core strength is, you’ll probably get a puzzled expression in response. The odd player might mistake a granite midsection for a rippling six pack, but few know what it is and even fewer understand it’s anatomical purpose.

In basic terms, the core refers to the muscles around your trunk and pelvis – the abdominal wall, hips, lower back and diaphragm.

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This is where your power and strength come from. Reinforcing your core will enhance your balance and stability and enable you to perform football actions more efficiently. It also reduces your risk of injury.

Whether you’re a pro or an amateur, core strength is vital, says Fulham assistant coach, Scott Miller.

To find out why it matters, hit play and let Miller explain.

Scott Miller was talking at the Science + Football Conference. For more information visit

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