Joe Hart: Getting down to low shots

Get your legs right to save low shots, advises the Manchester City and England no.1

Being tall has many blatantly obvious benefits as a goalkeeper, but when it comes to getting down to the floor in time to save a low, drilled shot, technique is absolutely paramount for a big guy.


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At five foot six, England and Manchester City goalkeeper is the model of big, modern net-minder – but naturally, it’s more difficult for him to hit the deck in time than it might have been for some of the sub six-foot goalies of the past. 


The answer to mastering this art? Timing, anticipation and practice. Here, Hart talks us through how whipping away the leg on the side that the ball has gone to is vital for a rapid, controlled descent – and shows how standing correctly can keep all your options covered…

Joe Hart trained using the Nike Ordem 3 Hi-Vis with The Nike Academy, a full-time, pro-level training programme run by Nike based at St George's Park

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