Victor Valdes' guide to shot-stopping

Shot-stopping is the one skill a goalkeeper simply can’t do without. Learn how Manchester United’s gloveman pulls off those improbable saves

Handling, kicking, throwing, punching - all key skills for a goalkeeper, but if the man between the sticks can't stop a beach ball squeezing through a keyhole they might as well hang up their gloves.

Reliability is appreciated, but it’s making saves that counts, insists Barcelona’s number one Victor Valdes.

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“The most important thing about being a goalkeeper is making saves,” he told FFT.

And it’s not all about the strength and speed of your hands, says Valdes.

“You must be well balanced with your feet firmly planted on the ground, which helps you to react quickly and move in either direction.”

To hear more of Valdes’ shot-stopping tips watch this exclusive training video at Barcelona’s training ground.

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