Kieran Gibbs: How to become a full-back

“I started out on the wing, but the gaffer has now moved me to full-back. Any tips on how to make a smooth transition?”
Mark Brinkman, via email

Kieran Gibbs says:

“As a full-back you need to understand the importance of distances between you and your centre-half. You always need to be talking.

You have to know how close you need to be to each other in different situations and work together. If you’re not compact as a back four, you can get exposed.

Form a good partnership with the man playing in front of you, too. If you’ve got someone who likes to go forward a lot, you know you don’t have to support him as much, but if you’ve got someone who likes to come inside and play then you know you have to get round him.

You could practice one-twos and triangles to improve your on-pitch relationship. You want to get up and down the channel fast, to help the midfield. You have to always want the ball.

If you want to play from the back, you need confidence in your ability to get the ball from your keeper and centre-half.”

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