Raise your game: The 20-metre sprint

If you're already slower than pig running through cement, you're probably never going to keep up with Gareth Bale.

But that doesn't mean you can get those tree trunks moving quicker and if you want to run fast, what better way to practise than just sprinting?

Mark out a 20 metre track and have a team-mate stand by with a stopwatch. On their command sprint the distance as fast as you can six times, taking a 60 second rest in between repetitions.

When running keep your shoulders down and head upright, drive your knees up, pump your arms, keeping them as close to your side as possible and try to strike the ground with the balls of your feet.

To get quicker you need to practise sprinting – simple. Shaving seconds off your 20-metre dash on the training pitch, will shave seconds off your surges on a match day.

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