Sebastien Bassong: Game day

Ever wondered what a Premier League footballer does before kick-off? So do we. That's why we asked Sebastien Bassong to take us through his match-day routine

Game day is all about making sure you’re mentally and physically ready to do battle for 90 minutes.

All external influences need to be blocked out. Full attention must be paid to the team’s game plan and the opponent.

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They key to maintaining focus is routine. But no matter what level you play this can be difficult to sustain over the course of a long, hard season.

Our bodies are not always up for trudging around a boggy pitch in the cold, wind and rain. Sometimes we’d just prefer to sink in to our beds, with a cup of tea and Sky Sports News on the box.

What do the pro’s do before a game? How do they get up for every contest? Norwich City defender Sebastien Bassong enlightens FFT so you can bring a slice of Premier League to your pre-match routine (and drag your backside out of bed).

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