Football Manager 2023 review: Why FM23 might just be the most realistic football game ever

In our Football Manager 2023 review, we take a look at the improvements to the match engine, squad planning tools… and how to manage Erling Haaland

Football Manager 2023 review: FM23 might just be the most realistic football game ever
(Image: © FM23)

FourFourTwo Verdict

It's incredible how much can be packed into one simulation – and now the world of Football Manager feels even closer to the real football world


  • +

    Licensed competitions make FM23 more realistic than ever

  • +

    The Squad Planner and experience matrixes are welcome additions

  • +

    Fans are represented via Supporter Confidence

  • +

    Tactics are more realistic now, with defending easier to coach

  • +

    Enhanced match engine


  • -

    Set pieces need updating

This review of Football Manager 2023 was conducted on a MacBook Air using the full game downloaded from Steam.

This reviewer has just put on a suit to play Football Manager. We've all done it. OK, so you get some funny looks from family and/or housemates but even Sports Interactive, the studio behind FM, recommends that you suit up (opens in new tab) for the occasion of a cup final. It's not weird. Honest.

Only there isn't a cup final (don't worry, we've not lost the plot and decided to overdress to take first-team training): we're attending a cup draw. We've only been in the Inter Milan job for mere weeks and already we're watching on as Ruud Gullit – a nice detail that we already love – hosts the Champions League draw. Those operatic swells boom from our tinny laptop speakers and "The Chaaaampions" blasts out. This is officially licensed – and it feels big-time. Squint and you could imagine this was being broadcast on BT Sport.