New Balance Furon V6+ Pro football boot review: A speedboot to rival the best from Nike and Adidas

Light and offering superb traction, the New Balance Furon V6+ Pro is worth taking as seriously as the best the biggest brands have to offer

New Balance Furon V6+ review
(Image: © Future)

FourFourTwo Verdict

Light, stylish and offering best-in-class traction, this is easily the finest New Balance boot ever, and a represents a huge leap forward for the brand


  • +

    No 'wear-in' period – comfortable from the off

  • +

    Extremely light

  • +

    Range of colourways

  • +

    Unparalleled traction


  • -

    Not so suitable for firm ground or 4G

New Balance's Furon V6+ Pro football boot is, in FourFourTwo's trusted opinion, the first from the sportswear brand to genuinely rival anything Nike, Adidas and Puma have to offer. Light, supple and offering almost unrivalled traction on soft ground, it's a football boot we would recommend highly. 

Among those seen wearing the range in the Premier League this season are Liverpool's Harvey Elliot (whose signature model we tested here) and Manchester City and England star Raheem Sterling.

How we tested the New Balance's Furon V6+ Pro football boots

New Balance Furon V6+ Pro review

(Image credit: Future)

For this review, FFT wore the New Balance Furon V6+ Pro football boot during a couple of 5-aside sessions on a 4G pitch. The boots were okay for the surface, though they are ideally designed for natural grass due to slightly longer studs than previous incarnations of the Furon range. 

However, the pristine 4G surface did mean there were no excuses when it came to controlling passes, shooting and dribbling. Which is, erm, just the way FFT likes it...

We tested a pair of the New Balance Furon V6+ Pro football boots in a UK size 8.5 (US 9.5/EUR 42/BR 40/CM 26 - Women's: UK 8.5/US 10.5/EUR 42/BR 40/CM 26).

Comfort and fit

The New Balance Furon V6+ Pro football boot's upper is very soft and flexible, meaning they barely required any break-in time at all. The 'Fitweave' upper allows for some movement and stretching in the toe-box, too, meaning the boots fit like a glove even more so after a couple of hours of wear-time. 

The foot feels completely locked in at all times, with the one-piece upper design helping to achieve this. The heel helps, too, because it has plenty of padding - which makes feel robust and very comfortable to wear.

While the material feels extremely thin, the boot does have specialised areas of padding across the upper. This means they feel sock-like, but the padding adds structure and support as well as a close sensation to the ball. 

The inner sole feels like stepping into a slipper and is removeable so you can give it a wriggle to get it just right for your feet. 

All in all, this is a light and comfortable boot which doesn't leave you feeling unprotected. 

On the pitch


• RRP: £180
• Gender specification: No difference in gender specs
• Sizes available: 3.5 -12
• Colors: White and pink, impulse and orange, black and silver
• Recommended for: Forwards and pacey wingers

Firstly, FFT would only recommend the New Balance Furon V6+ Pro football boots for those who play on softer ground because the studs are quite long and aggressive. They can feel sticky on a harder pitch, so there is more potential for injury if you typically play your matches on very firm ground. They would not be a good option for a casual 4G five-asider, for instance.  

Saying that, they would offer brilliant traction and grip on a softer surface, and the chevron-shaped studs (almost identical to those found on Nike's Mercurial range) were hyper-responsive when pushing off for sprints or changing direction. These are the best boots we've tested when it comes to traction. 

The boots are incredibly light, weighing in at just 176g (30g lighter than Nike's Tiempo Legend 9, for example) and the soft, knitted-weave upper gave FFT a genuine "barefoot" sensation. 

The knitted upper wasn't too slick or slippery against the ball. It still felt as if we had close control and a sticky enough contact to really connect with a football. They also gripped the feet nicely, and secure with the laces simply tied normally. 


The leather used in previous New Balance boots felt a little cheap, especially when compared to the brand's high-quality running shoes. The New Balance Furon V6+ Pro was a massive step in the right direction, however. The leather is real quality and it makes such a difference. This is a quality football boot designed using quality leather. 

Among the little bits of tech on the boot are their Hypoknit, Hypoweave and Fitweave technology - this manifests itself, essentially, as a knitted upper with a pattern that adds structure; thicker in some parts than others, with a sock-like fit. 

The skin is flexible; similar to the knitted upper to Puma Future 5.1. The design is soft and comfy and, as mentioned, they need no break-in time. 

This is a speedboot designed to compete with Nike's Mercurial range or or Adidas' X range and it does a decent job, while costing less than both of their rivals. 

The only major downside – on the Harvey Elliot signature pair we tested, anyway – is that the diamond soleplate does fade quite quickly, so they won’t be as shiny as when you first get them out of the box for long.  


This is a giant leap forward for New Balance, who have scrapped the cheap leather and built a light, stylish and snug boot that any footballer would be proud to own. 

The traction is as good as you'll find on the market and, if you're a nippy forward player, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more suitable boot. 

The fact the studs felt a little long and sticky has cost the boot some points – especially given we tested the FG version on firm ground and weren't completely satisfied. But, in the right conditions, this is a genuinely terrific football boot and it gets a thumbs up from FFT. 

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