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FourFourTwo's 50 Most Memorable Euros Goals: How we created the list

We argued for hours to settle on the final list, and considered the views of a wide range of experienced FourFourTwo writers, stretching across many generations of football fans. The list was adjudged the following factors:

  • Shock value
  • Was it funny?
  • How special was the goal?
  • Was the strike vital in the context of the game or the tournament?
  • Did the goal arise because of a piece of individual genius?

To finalise this list, it took several long meetings, myriad swapped emails, approximately 114 cups of coffee as we presided over the placings, and almost one fist fight.

A brief recording of one of the office 'discussions' on the list…

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#FFT50EurosGoals: The 50 Most Memorable Euros Goals: list and features here

Goals: they're beautiful aren't they? This article is part of FourFourTwo's partnership with BetVictor and their Million Pound Goal campaign. Find out how to enter and more here.