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Chelsea fans trust the board far less than Jose, JT & Co.

Having dined on prawn sandwiches with the crusts cut off for the past decade, the Stamford Bridge regulars are clearly now very hard to please. Despite Jose Mourinho entering his second season back at the club – and with the knowledge that he always delivers in season two – Chelsea fans had 85% confidence in The Special One before the season began.

Confidence in the expensive squad he’d assembled stood at 88% (and for what it’s worth, owner Roman Abramovich enjoyed an 81% confidence rating).

Nine wins, two draws, 28 goals and a goal difference of +17 should have seen those figures spike to close to the magical 100, you’d have thought, but no. The percentages across all three categories had entered the low 90s by mid-September, as Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa picked and pulverised opponents to pieces and Chelsea reached the Premier league summit, but they’ve fallen back since.

Jose has enjoyed a 4% bump (up to 89%), with both the squad and owner up by just 1% (to 88% and 81% respectively). Familiarity and all that.

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