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Quiz! Can you name Europe's top 25 league champions?

Atletico Madrid
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Five minutes on the clock, 25 clubs to guess.

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Not every country is like England. While there are four teams going for the Premier League this season, other nations have a one-horse race... every year.

You know the ones we're talking about, too. It's almost become a cliche in some countries. Yet last year, something quite remarkable happened in a number of leagues which, traditionally at least, were only ever going to be won by one club.

There were a number of surprise winners. We won't tell you where - but a number of clubs won the title for the first time in forever, ending... well, in some cases, ending another club's chance at winning 10 titles in a row.

The question we're posing to you today is who these teams were who lifted the title. If the European Cup had never rebranded, this may well be what the competition would look like these days.


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