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Russian students threatened with expulsion if they don't attend Akhmat Grozny matches

According to, students in Gronzy, Russia, have been told that their place at university will be compromised should they fail to attend games at local side FC Akhmat Grozny.

A representative of the local authority has indicated his disgust at the poor home gate figures, and has apparently sought to rectify this by sending his men in to intimidate the students.

The team currently plys its trade in the Russian Premier League, and was famously managed by Ruud Gullit back in 2011.

He has since gone on to claim that a lack of presence on matchdays shows 'a lack of respect' and 'neglect' from the community. A source has claimed that should there not be 100% attendance at Akhmat's next match on October 30, there will be 'big problems' for everyone.

"Akhmat-Arena accommodates 30,000 people, so they should be allocated not only universities and colleges, but also all ministries, departments, organisations and enterprises," said the employee of the Chechen Ministry of Education, Vahid. 

Better not get too bladdered and sleep through the occasion then, freshers. Gulp. 

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