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The Friday Football Quiz! Gunnersaurus's wages and players stealing taxis in Barcelona

Friday football quiz
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It's our Friday Football Quiz, testing you on everything you should have been paying attention to…

Every Friday, we give you three rounds of 30 questions to test your knowledge on the beautiful game. Round 1 is all about the last week, Round 2 is a general knowledge test and this week's Round 3 is all about career paths. 

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Round 1: The week in football

1. Which team knocked Juventus out of the Champions League this week?

2. Crystal Palace managed to hold Manchester City to a draw this week – but who was sent off in the reverse fixture that Palace managed to win 2-0 earlier this season?

3. Atletico Madrid beat Manchester United this week. Who were the last team that United beat in the Champions League knockouts?

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4. Which team were automatically placed into the quarter-finals of the Europa League after their Russian opponents for the last-16, Spartak Moscow, were banned by UEFA?

5. Who was called up to the England squad for the first time when Gareth Southgate announced his squad on Thursday?

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6. Brighton were beaten 2-0 by Tottenham this week. In which other competition have they met this season?

7. Arsenal were beaten at home 2-0 by Liverpool, too. Name the other two clubs to have beaten Arsenal at home in the league this season. 

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta

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8. Which Championship player scored for a team managed by his dad this week?

9. Seb Coe was revealed to be involved in what football-related matter this week?

10. Which team are currently top of the Women's Super League?

Round 2: General knowledge

1. Which club did David Silva begin his career at?

2. What shirt number did David Ginola wear for Tottenham?

3. Which club was Jose Mourinho managing when he made his "football heritage" quote?

4. Which European club were put under an alleged curse from a manager who told them that they wouldn't win another European trophy for 100 years?

5. Milan Baros, Papa Bouba Diop and David Nugent came off the bench in the final to help win which club the FA Cup?

David Silva

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6. Calciopoli was a footballing scandal in which country?

7. Which club play at Ashton Gate?

8. In what year was the last European Cup final to feature only players from the countries of the respective teams: 1967, 1977 or 1987?

9. Which Arsenal player offered to pay the wages of redundant mascot Gunnersaurus?

10. Which club's players got in trouble in 2018 for stealing a taxi in Barcelona?

Round 3: Football club anagrams

Pep Guardiola, Brendan Rodgers

"What do you reckon to number eight, Brendan?" (Image credit: Getty)

1. Floundered Widths

2. Anglican Hubbard Smooches

3. Troop

4. Unbake Reversely

5. Unlaced Twenties

6. Banjo Curios

7. Green Pranks Square

8. Airedale Docs

9. Underbelly Works

10. Repairing Satanism

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