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Brazil World Cup helps FIFA record $2bn revenue

The tournament in South America proved a major cash generator for the organisation, with revenue and profits both climbing sharply.

Here are the key talking points: 

- Total revenue for 2014 stands at $2.096bn, compared to $1.386bn in 2013

- Overall revenue for the four-year cycle from 2011 to 2014 stands at $5.718bn

- FIFA event-related revenue ($5.137bn) accounts for 90 per cent of total revenue for the four-year cycle

- Expenses for 2014 were also significantly higher, at £1.955bn up from $1.314bn from the previous year

- Profit for 2014 stands at $141 million, with total profit between 2011 and 2014 reaching $338m

- FIFA now has $1.523bn in its total reserves

"This success underscores the huge appeal of FIFA's flagship tournament," FIFA said in its report.