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Football Manager 2022 release: FM22 Beta version out now

Football Manager 2022, FM22 beta version
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Good news for those who can't wait for their Football Manager 2022 fix: the FM22 Beta version is out now and ready to download.

Sports Interactive announced the immediate release of the Beta version on Thursday night for the hardy souls among us who have already purchased a pre-order.

That means you have two-and-a-half weeks to enjoy that sweet, sweet sensation of guiding Swindon to Champions League glory before Football Manager 2022 even hits shelves.

EDIT: As of Friday morning, the game is sold out on Fanatical – but you can still pick up a copy from Amazon or direct from Steam. 

And while the game's retail price is £39.99, the best Football Manager 2022 deal around means that you can pre-order for just £27.74 and play the FM22 Beta.

Fanatical currently has £10 off the game, and using the code 'FOURFOURTWOFM22' at checkout, you can get a further 7% off, making the game more than £12 cheaper than its RRP.

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FM22 beta version: What does Football Manager Beta mean?

The Beta is a fully playable version of the game, but it isn't the final version that will be released on November 9.

That means it is possible – though, in FourFourTwo's experience, not hugely likely – that you may encounter a few bugs and issues during play. These issues can be reported to the engineers who will iron out the creases over the coming days.

When the game is fully released, those with the Beta version will have their game updated. Single player careers that are started on the pre-release Beta can be carried over to the full release, making this the perfect time for you to kick-off your long-term saves.


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