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'Kante facts' sadly dispelled by France and Chelsea star

Can N'Golo Kante touch MC Hammer? Can he get a retweet on Facebook? Does he cover the 29 per cent of Earth that is not water?

Sadly, he cannot. But it has not stopped the social-media sensation that is 'Kante facts' keeping Chelsea's squad entertained in recent weeks.

The France midfielder is set for a second Premier League title in as many seasons, having powered Leicester City's charge to glory last season before moving to Stamford Bridge.

Les Bleus legend Marcel Desailly has been quick to jump on the bandwagon, but Kante will not let his reported superpowers go to his head as he returns to international duty against Luxembourg and France.

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"I am really happy with my performances this season," Kante said at a media conference.

"It is true that I receive a lot of praise and that is flattering. But I try not to let it affect me. The important thing is to end the season well.

"My team-mates at Chelsea have told me about the 'Kante-facts'. It is just a bit of fun. I obviously do not cover 30 per cent of the surface of the earth.

"I made the right choice to come to Chelsea. We are in a good position and we are playing some great football."