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Klopp: I have never had a bad decision go my way in a final

Jurgen Klopp said he has never been on the right side of a wrong decision in a final after his Liverpool team lost 3-1 to Sevilla in the Europa League final on Wednesday.

In his post-match news conference, Klopp was asked by a German reporter for his thoughts on Andujar Coke's second goal after the referee overruled his linesman on an offside call.

Replays later showed that the ball had clearly come off Philippe Coutinho into the attacker's path but Klopp said it was the first time had ever seen a referee overrule his linesman.

"I've had a lot of games as a coach but it is not that often that a referee overrules the linesman," the German said.

"But right after the match someone said it was the right decision because Coutinho has played the pass."

Klopp said he felt like he never had luck in finals, having seen at least two penalty appeals waved away in the first half.

"You speak German so I guess you've seen some finals with me," he said.

"I've lost some finals in the last years and no wrong decision was in my favour… in no final! But this will change for sure. We just need more finals.

"But today … there were two decisions which were not in our favour.

"But at the end the first thing to do is to be self-critical. And I'm not finished with that."