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Legal battle taking its toll, says Neymar

Barcelona star Neymar admits he has been affected by the ongoing legal battle surrounding his transfer to the Liga champions.

The 23-year-old is due in court on Tuesday to testify in a case brought forward by Brazilian investment company DIS, who claim they suffered financial damage when Barca allegedly withheld the true value of the player's transfer in 2013.

Neymar's parents are also due to give evidence, along with former Barca president Sandro Rosell and successor Josep Maria Bartomeu. All of them deny any wrongdoing.

The forward has confessed that the long-running legal investigations have made it difficult for him to focus entirely on football, telling Globo TV: "When this started to affect my family, it affected me a little. It bothers you.

"But I'm someone God has given the power to be focused on what I like to do, which is to play football. I'm only concentrating on what I have to do.

"My father only wants me to commit to playing and to focus on the ball. When you see that someone you love is being attacked, is suffering, when things are said that aren't true... it hurts you.

"Before speaking without any knowledge, telling lies, you have to present evidence."

Neymar's father has called for a swift resolution to the matter and admits they are "tired" of the proceedings.

"We want to find an end to this situation. It's time to say 'enough'," he said in the same TV interview.

"If the prosecutor is looking for attention, he'll get it. We want to bring an end to this issue and that's what we'll do.

"We're going to clarify this issue in a definitive way. I wanted the courts to resolve it, but we're tired and I want to clarify everything as soon as possible.

"There's nothing against us. The judge summoned us to know how the transfer of Neymar happened. If we have made a mistake, there's no problem, but to accuse us of tax evasion I think has crossed the red lines."