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McLeish denies N'Zogbia bust-up rumours

The Scot was thought to have recently questioned the Frenchman's lifestyle, stating that he believes the former Newcastle United star to prefer fast cars to football.

N'Zogbia snapped back at McLeish, fuelling speculation that a summer move could be on the cards after just one season Villa Park.

The 25-year-old recently released a statement claiming he had no problem with his manager and McLeish has offered his view on the rumours, believing both sides of the story to have been blown out of proportion.

"Listen, I'm quite a laid-back manager. If the players are doing it for me on the pitch, then it's not a problem," said McLeish.

"They will get in the side, it's as simple as that.

"I was supposed to have said something about Charles [N'Zogbia] spending money on fast cars. I've no reason to single Charles out for that and I told him that. I was talking about players in general.

"Charles realises that now. It was after the Bolton game when I was really pleased with the performance and I was doing a rallying cry to all the players to be winners.

"I said 'think about being a winner first before you reward yourself with a fast car'.

"I'm like Charles, definitely. If I had the money in my day that these guys are earning, I'd have had fast cars because I love fast cars."

N'Zogbia's performances for the Villains has left a lot to be desired this season, but McLeish believes there is more to come from the summer arrival.

"I think there is more to come from him. I'm certain Charles would agree with that, his final cross, his final pass, his finishing," he added.

"All these things he is capable of producing. I am sure his moment will come."