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Turkey submits bid to host Euro 2020

Erdogan told delegates at a UEFA congress in Istanbul last month that Turkey wanted to host Euro 2020, delivering a blow to Istanbul's 2020 Olympic candidacy because bidding for two major events usually held only weeks apart is unlikely to be successful.

Turkey missed out on hosting Euro 2016 by one vote but since then the country's football economy has expanded to become the sixth biggest in Europe, Turkish Football Federation President Yildirim Demiroren said in a statement.

"The construction of modern football stadiums, backed by state guarantees, in cities around the countries and the development of transport links are among the most important elements supporting our bid," Yildirim added.

"The Turkish Football Federation will provide every effort to host the Europe 2020."

After Erdogan's announcement, UEFA president Michel Platini said that if Turkey failed to win the Olympic bid, it would be a stronger candidate for the European Championships.