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Wenger: We provide quality at Emirates

Arsene Wenger says Arsenal fans should have no issue with the quality of product his team give at the Emirates Stadium after Thursday's 2-0 win over West Brom.

Arsenal played well in front of a reduced crowd at home as supporters grow disillusioned with Wenger's inability to deliver a credible Premier League title challenge.

Despite that, Wenger has delivered almost 20 years of consecutive Champions League football, but while it is clear that Arsenal fans want more from their side, the French manager has implored those who abstained from the West Brom match to return.

"To come and support the team. If you love football, you go out there and I think you see quality football," he said.

"That's what we try to give to our people."

Wenger said given the match was played on a Thursday, other factors may have impacted.

"It was a special night as well, Thursday night, and I don't know if you are intelligent enough, nor am I, to detect exactly why everybody that did not turn up tonight did not turn up," he said.

"I believe we dominated from the start to the last minute and in fact, [that] was what we did against Crystal Palace. Overall I believe the quality of our game was very good. Maybe, we could have scored more goals.

"That is the only thing you could say tonight. We didn't concede and couldn't finish the game off the way we wanted.

"We want to finish as high as possible. You never know what happens in front of you.

"There can still be twists and turns but we want to win our games. We came out of West Ham and Crystal Palace thinking we had produced the quality and didn't get the points.

"If you look at our last five games, we won at Everton, we won against Watford, we had two draws and we won today."