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Adrian: How to deal with a back pass

“I’m a keeper and always get anxious when I receive a backpass. How can I improve?”
Jonathan Haag, via Facebook

Adrian says:

"Years ago, goalkeepers just stayed on their line and didn’t influence the game. But now we have to be able to play the ball out from the back. You have to be as good as an outfield player.

"I’m right-footed, but I also work on my left because there are times in a game when the ball comes to my other foot and I have to adjust quickly and make decisions.

"You need speed as well as control, so I do things like boxing, skipping and footwork drills that involve sudden movements. You can take basic steps to improve your touch and control.

"For example, stand in front of a wall and strike a ball against it from a variety of distances. The ball will fly off the wall and you will have to try and judge the rebound and control it.

"You can strike the ball with your left foot and control with your right, then pass with your right and control with your left. You can play two-touch, or one-touch.

"It’s an exercise you can do on your own – it’s an easy and effective way to improve."

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