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Joe Hart's warm up drills

There can only ever be one goalkeeper in any team, but having a cohesive goalkeeping unit, who can work well together in training regardless of any rivalries for the shirt, is a vital element to racking up clean sheets.

Joe Hart and his fellow keepers at Manchester City have got their drills nailed – and they recognise the importance of a smart, well-organised warm up.

Here, the England stopper guides us through the perfect way to get your senses sharpened for stepping out into goal: from two-touch juggling to warm up the legs, to rapid-fire ball-handling exercises that will test anyone’s hand-eye co-ordination.

With top tips for any wannabe No.1, it’s quite simple: work together with your fellow ‘keepers, and everyone will benefit…

Joe Hart trained using the Nike Ordem 3 Hi-Vis with The Nike Academy, a full-time, pro-level training programme run by Nike based at St George's Park

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