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What your look says about you


Style essentials: Trendy haircut, flash football boots, diamond earrings, garish tattoos

Style icons: Djibril Cisse, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar

The expert’s view

“This is classic alpha styling: competitive in a way that looks for personal wins and glory,” says body language expert Judi James. “They feel they are invincible and enjoy being the centre of attention, but underneath all the power displays there’s a less self-assured childlike guy. They’re living their own fantasy, but they have little in the way of protection if their success starts to vanish. That’s when they can start to self-destruct.”

The player’s view

“What you see is often what you get: they’re a bit flash and prone to throwing their toys out of the pram as soon as things don’t go their way,” says Torquay United midfielder Craig Easton. “They can be hot and cold. If they’re on form, they’re capable of producing one piece of quality to win a game. But these players might not bring much to the team when they’re not in possession of the ball.”



Style essentials: Plain boots, short back and sides, battle scars, broken nose

Style icons: Scott Parker, Phil Jagielka, Steven Gerrard

The expert’s view

“As the paternal alpha – a father figure – such players are focused on leading the team rather than going for personal glory every time,” explains James. “Resilient and emotionally strong, they demand loyalty and effort. As a perfectionist, they expect others to work to their own high standards. This is a direct and straightforward guy with a no-frills approach to life. He thrives on rules and order, which he will impose himself.”

The player’s view

“This is the sort of player you’d love to have alongside you in the trenches when the going gets tough,” says Easton. “What they may lack in natural ability, they make up for with determination and organisational skills. These players are role models in the dressing room.”



Style essentials: Scruffy beard, long and flowing locks (possibly tied back), surfer-type wristbands, stylish boots

Style icons: Jonas Gutierrez, Andrea Pirlo, Gennaro Gattuso

The expert’s view

“A thinker; possibly a philosopher. He might even write poetry in his spare time,” claims James. “He likes to be cool and feel he has a life off the pitch. He won’t intimidate via his physicality, but aims to dominate intellectually. He seems easy-going, but he won’t suffer fools gladly and when he’s got a job to do he can be frighteningly focused and analytical.”

The player’s view

“These guys are probably the most eccentric members of the squad and often the most professional in the way they go about their job,” says Easton. “They lead by example, but know when to have a laugh and let their hair down. Off the pitch players like this can be found reading, playing musical instruments or even painting in their spare time, but there’s no doubt football is their main focus and they’re totally driven to succeed.”


Judi James is the author of The You Code and The Body Language Bible